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Wycieczki szkolne do Krakowa

Wycieczki szkolne, grupy pielgrzymkowe - noclegi + wyżywienie

Hotel* "Junior Krakus" przy ul. Nowohuckiej 33

Wieliczka Salt Mine

We offer 2 hour tour to one of the biggest and most exciting mining museums in Europe - Wieliczka Salt Mine with a guide.
Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow (approx. 15 km) "is no less magnificent than the Egyptian pyramids" (the French traveller, Le Laboureur). For it's historical and artistic importance the mine was placed in 1978 on the First World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO as "outstanding universal value to mankind".
Wieliczka Salt Mine, the oldest operating salt mine in the world, functions since the 13th century. It spreads over nine levels and reaches down to the depth of 327 meters. The underground tourist route is approx. 3,5 km long, includes 20 chambers and spreads over three levels, the deepest one is 135 meters below ground level.
In the salt mine we'll see magnificent galleries with works of art, altars and statues - everything sculpted in salt, exceptionally precious underground lakes, captivating underground chapels with rich ornamentation carved in the salt rock, original mining tools and equipment.
In the Wieliczka Salt Mine among other things we'll see the oldest existing underground chapel - the Baroque style St Anthony's Chapel which was made at the turn of 16th and 17th century. We'll also visit the Sielec Chamber where we'll see authentic devices used for salt transportation, the Casimir The Great Chamber with authentic wooden machine from 18th century - the horse-operated Saxon type treadmill, and the Pieskowa Skala Chamber, one of the most beautiful underground chambers, where we can see authentic mining devices which can be set in motion and used by visitors. Afterwards we'll go through the Kunegunda Shaft Bottom appreciated by young visitors owing to charming sculptures of dwarfs, also called saltpeople, and a fairy sound and light mini-show. Additionally it's worth to see the Erazm Baracz Chamber and the Weimar Chamber. This chambers are exceptionally ravishing because of small underground lakes filled with brine. Moreover, in the Weimar Chamber we can see mini-show with computer controlled sound and light.

We'll also visit the biggest and one of the most captivating chapels in the Wieliczka Salt Mine - St. Kinga's Chapel. It's located 101 meters below the surface. The great number of sculptures, bas-reliefs, columns and altars beautifully carved in the salt rock, chandeliers with salt crystals embellish this magnificent underground chapel. St Kinga's Chapel is a unique art gallery, and many concerts take place there.

Afterwards we'll visit one of the largest chambers - the Warsaw Chamber. It's 54 meters long, 17 meters wide and 9 meters high. It's located 122.5 meters below the ground level. Various types of social events, such as symposiums, conferences, balls, banquets, concerts and sport performances, are organised there. The concert in the Warsaw Chamber is an exceptional experience because of unique acoustics in the salt mine.

On the depth of approx. 125 meters visitors can have a rest, take a meal in the underground restaurant in the Witold Budryk Chamber, send a letter from the underground post-office or shop in the souvenir shops in the Vistula Chamber.
It's worth to mention that unique microclimate of the mine makes this trip exceptionally beneficial for people with allergies, asthma and upper respiratory tract ailments.
Please remember, that the temperature inside the salt mine is 14o C, making it necessary to wear warmer clothes.
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